Der Nachtmahr


Thriller, Horror


When your best friend is not real, would you still fight for his life?


Tina, 17, and her friends are your typical teenagers - they like to party, they like to dress up. One night they join an illegal party in a outdoors piscine. While peeing she sees something which irritates her - she faints. In her knocked out state she has a phantasy of being hit by a car. She comes to and is very confused. Back at home at night she hears weird noises. Those noises she hears the next night, too. She follows them and meets the "Nachtmahr" - a cross of F├╝ssli's famous creature and the gollum. She is scared, but what is even more upsetting for her - she seems to be wired to the Nachtmahr. Whatever he feels, she feels. When he is curious about her razor and licks it, she starts bleeding from the mouth... Soon, the Nachmahr is being removed... and Tina feels his suffering. When her ex-boyfriend arranges a party for her birthday at the villa of his parents, she leaves her parents' birthday dinner (where amongst the gifts is a brochure for a psychiatric treatment facility) to free the Nachtmahr from exactly this psychiatric treatment facility and then goes to the party. When she steps into the huge mansion and meets the first party-revellers the Nachtmahr disappears. Frantically she starts looking for him. But doesn't find him. Suddenly he shows up at the buffet - and everyone freaks. Only Tina is relaxing, as she doesn't feel like a fool. Her parents show up and her dad attacks the Nachtmahr... She starts bleeding, too. She flees with the Nachtmahr.