Dirty Weekend




Two work colleagues marooned in Albuquerque and hiding big secrets. Beautiful young Nat is wearing a bondage collar. Her work colleague, uptight and buttoned down, Les, is retracing his steps to the scene of the best ever sex of his life.


Work colleagues Les and Nat have secrets. Finding their Chicago-bound plane diverted by fog to Dallas, Les becomes shifty and Nat doesn’t believe his plan to head into town to buy gifts for the kids. She begins to dig but Les is having none of it. Determined to get Les to dish the dirt Nat reveals her own secret She’s the submissive half of a lesbian S&M relationship and right this very minute she’s wearing a bondage collar. Les is shocked but he then reveals that he is trying to find a bar where, a year ago on another work conference, he found himself enjoying quite possibly the best sex he’d ever had. With a transvestite he may or may not have known was a man. Seriously conflicted about this and what it means for him, Les, with Nat in tow, seeks out the gay bar where it all started...