Girls Against Boys

Girls against Boys




GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, directed by Austin Chick, is a provocative and superbly entertaining psycho-sexual thriller about two bartenders who, after one of them is brutally assaulted, team up on a killing spree in New York - and take revenge on the men who have mistreated th


Shae, a student at Hunter College, is new to New York City. While she hides her naivete well when tending bar at a trendy nightclub, it crushes her when her older boyfriend Terry breaks up with her to return to his marriage. At work she meets enigmatic Lu who has just started behind the bar. The girls hit it off. When at the end of the shift, Shae doesn't want to go home to her empty apartment, they go to a nightclub and dance and drink, surrounded by a pack of young horndogs. Morning arrives and the girls find themselves in a loft with three men. Feeling sick, Shae wants to go and Simon offers to help her home. Upon reaching her building, he won't take no for answer - he rapes her. Ridiculed by the police, Lu convinces Shae that they should get their own justice - the two girls embark on a weekend of Manhattan murder and mayhem. In the wake of so much carnage, and because of cute DJ Tyler, Shae wants things to go back to the way they were - the way she was - before the killings. As she tries to distance herself from Lu, she realizes it’s too late.


Girls against BoysGirls against BoysGirls against BoysGirls against BoysGirls against Boys